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inside Germany: 1,45€ for one CD, 2,20€ for a Tshirt (or Tshirt and CD)
inside EU: 3,40€ for one CD, for a Tshirt or Tshirt and a CD.
worldwide: 6,00€ for one CD

Worldwide shipping depends on the destination and what you ordered, please ask us, we'll try to find the cheapest solution!
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Special package offers:.
special offer

schwarz verhüllt Cover
latest full-length-masterpiece "schwarz verhüllt", 7 tracks
(12 Euro)

Nebelheim Cover
latest full-length-masterpiece "Funkenfeuer", 9 tracks
(9 Euro)
...or download it at iTunes!

Nebelheim Cover
full-length-album "Nebelheim", 7 tracks (7 Euro)
...or download it at iTunes!

neues T-Shirt vorne
neues T-Shirt vorne
Tshirt (7€)
new t-shirts with new design fitting the Funkenfeuer album!
Available in S to XXL (fruit of the loom shirts).

Patch 1
Patch "Logo" (3 Euro)