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Slartibartfass was founded at the beginning of 2005. Their first concert took place in March 2006. It was a great success and offered the band a quick start in the local scene. In June 2006, their first album „Nordwind“ was released. Due to a contract with Trollzorn/SMP Records, „Nordwind” could be sold and promoted throughout Germany. Lots of gig requests followed, and the extensive touring lead to an increase in popularity in the national metal scene. In 2007, the band signed a contract with Trollzorn/SMP Records, so that „Nebelheim“ could be released in July 2007. „Nebelheim“ includes tracks with real bagpipes which soon became Slartibartfass' most characteristic feature. Many live gigs (the bagpipes were performed live as well) and first festival shows followed. The third album „Funkenfeuer“ was published in November 2009, after the band had signed a new contract with Ketzer Records. For the year 2010 Slartibartfass have been asked for further festival gigs, so that the band was able to show their amazing potential before a steadily growing audience. Strengthened by a large and stable fanbase, the band released their fourth album „schwarz verhüllt“ in October 2011 via Twilight-Mailorder.


2006 - Nordwind
2007 - Nebelheim
2009 - Funkenfeuer
2011 - schwarz verhüllt

Due to several incidents in recent years Slartibartfass declares the following: Our band does not pursue any political, racist, anti-Semitic, or comparable goals through its music and our music does not communicate such a kind of message. We are just musicians – each of us enjoys to contribute her/his personal experiences and skills to our performance. We define ourselves only in terms of our work. We distance ourselves from people with these attitudes and from such views in general.
Slartibartfass, March 2007

Pagan Metal gegen Faschismus und politische Gewalt